All about Bail Bondsman

A bail bondsman or a bail agent is a company, person, or corporation that will pledge money to allow someone to be allowed on bail from charges that would cause them to be put into imprisonment. They often cater to criminal defendants and can often secure the release in as little as a few hours. They often have ties within the court house, and this combined with the capitol to have the individual released can create a successful bond.Bail Bondsman has some nice tips on this.

This ten percent fee has become popularized and available to be paid to have the individual released from custody. In the case that the entire amount is required bail bondsman usually have a standing arrangement with banks or creditors to have access to the funds during times when the banks are not open. This is crucial, because being a bail bondsman is often a twenty four hour position.

Should a bond not be paid or the individual refuse to reappear for the court date the company that has placed the money, the bail bondsman are legally allowed to bring the individual in – and place them in the custody of the courts.

In the case of the bail being a large amount of money bail bondsman are able to gain security of assets rather than the large amount of cash. For example, bail bondsman can secure a home in the matter of a person owing $100,000 for bond money and charge the initial ten percent than taking a mortgage against the home for the owing sum of the bond.

If the individual fails to show up for court it is lawful for the bail bondsman to find the contracted individual. It is important to remember that a contract is a contract, and by hiring a bail bondsman and allowing the company to post bail – you are signing a contract stating that you will show up to court, or they will be legally allowed to forcefully bring you to court.

Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon and Wisconsin are the four states that have banned commercial bail bonding.

A family member of the person in custody is usually the person placing bond for the individual. This individual usually co-signs and is responsible should the person being charged not show up at hearings or leave town for the full amount of the bond. The co-signer is also responsible for expenses that incur while the bondsmen are capturing the individual. This is an expensive process for the co-signer – and it is important to make sure that you trust the individual that you are signing for. Co-signers are most often required to have full time employment and either rent, or own a home in the area.

Bail bondsman companies are often available throughout the day and into the night. It is a twenty-four hour business and local bail bondsman companies can be located in the yellow pages or on the internet in your area. Often times, the court officials will have bail bondsman information on hand should it be required.