All about Handling wildfire damages

You may have dreams of defending your homestead during hurricane and wildfire season, for the safety of your family though, it’s best to evacuate when officials say to. Leaving your home doesn’t mean that you have to abandon it unprotected, however. Here are some tips to give your home its best chance of survival after you and your family must evacuate.

Hurricane and Wildfire Evacuation Tips

Cover your windows: You can use awnings, storm shutters, or properly measured plywood to cover your windows and protect the exterior and interior of your home against hurricane damage. Before a wildfire, skip the plywood and go for something that isn’t flammable.

Fortify with sandbags: If you are concerned about water getting into your home due to flooding during a hurricane, invest in sandbags and put them around garage doors and other entryways.

Use plastic over electronics: Cover your televisions, stereos, computers and other electronic items with plastic before a hurricane evacuation so they can avoid damage should water seep in.

Secure lawn furniture and potted plants: Lawn furniture, birdfeeders, birdbaths, grills and potted plants can become projectiles during a hurricane and combustible flame spreaders during a wildfire. Either bring them into a covered area such as the garage or shed, or (for hurricanes) secure them before leaving read more.

Fill your sinks and tubs: By filling your sinks with clean water before you leave, you can ensure that you have some water to use if water lines are turned off when you get back.

Use all perishables: Because a hurricane or wildfire can interrupt electricity usage, it is best not to leave perishables in your refrigerator.

Shut off gas and pilot lights: Whether facing a hurricane or wildfire evacuation, it’s a good idea to shut off gas and pilot lights before you leave.

Clear up shrubs: During a wildfire, shrubs create the perfect bridge between your home and the fire. In a hurricane, weak or small shrubs can be turned into projectiles.

Move indoor combustible furniture away from windows: In order to help minimize the damage to your home and your neighborhood should the fire spread to your dwelling, move your combustible furniture to the middle of the room away from windows.

Grab insurance documents: Before hurricane and wildfire season, it’s a good idea to check your home insurance limits and deductibles and make sure they are still appropriate for your home’s rebuilding costs, contents value and your budget. Before you evacuate, make sure you grab these and other important documents.

The time to complete insurance planning is before you must evacuate. Give us a call today to find out how you can improve the way your home insurance policy will assist you after hurricane or wildfire damage.