Can Soil Affect A Foundation-Things To Know

Soil is a heterogeneous accumulation of unconsolidated sediments and deposit of solid particles derived from the disintegration of rock. This is typically important when you are trying to find homes for sale Montego Bay, Jamaica gated community. The soil in areas of housing schemes should be cohesive. A soil is a loose mantle of mineral and organic matter of varying thickness that covers most land. It is formed under the combined influences of physical, chemical and biological activities . Soil is the comparatively thin layer of disintegrated material overlying the rocks of the earth’s crust. Soil in Jamaica can be classified as cohesive or fine-grained, non-cohesive or coarse-grained and organic. Clay and silt are classified as cohesive or fine grained, sand is classified as non cohesive or coarse grained and peat is classified as organic. With the different soil types that are available, when building foundation one has to be careful that they are building the right foundation on the available soil. This is proven with the homes for sale Montego Bay Rose Hall, St James which are built on strong foundations. The following gives you an idea of what foundation types are suitable for what soil types. Soil type of sand, gravel or rock with small portions of clay and silt – This is suitable for shallow strip, pad or isolated column and surface or solid slab raft, foundation type. Soil type of uniform, firm and stiff clay – Suitable for strip, pad or isolated column, short-bored piles and beam and solid slab raft, foundation type.¬†click over here¬†can soil affect a foundation

Soil type of soft or soft silty clays – Is suitable for wide strip, inverted ‘T’ beam or variants of the raft foundations depending on soil bearing capacity of the soil. Soil type of fill (made-up ground) and peat – This is suitable for pier, end bearing piles, or variants of the raft foundations depending on bearing capacity of the soil. Soil type in mining and other subsidence areas – Is suitable for variants of the raft foundations depending on bearing capacity of the soil.