Creating Healthy Routine

You know what it takes to be healthy and happy. To be healthy you need to each a good variety of foods, get plenty of exercise, and have an active social life. There is just no getting around it. However, these three elements seem vague unless you examine them in your own life. Exercising every day for an hour is probably an unreasonable goal to start off, and having all your meals be perfectly balanced, and impracticality. So how do you actually start this new, healthier life? You need to create a new routine. A healthy routine is all about repetition and positive reinforcement. This means that you need to start small-really small so that you can start achieving your goals. While you should start small, you should tackle your biggest problem first. If you are a junk food addict, it is time to start stocking your home with healthier food and buying less junk food, or better snacks for you to eat. If you are a computer junkie and are lucky to take a walk to the fridge, it’s time to start an exercise routine. check out this guide

Here are some tips so that you can create a personalized health routine.


  • Avoid eating after 6pm
  • Replace all your sweet junk food with fruit
  • Always have a “raw” component at every meal
  • Take a multi-vitamin
  • Buy organic


  • WALK, it’s great to start slow
  • Repeat your exercise of choice, slowly building up to long or faster routes
  • If you are self-conscious, stay in your home with exercise tapes
  • Be Consistent

A healthy routine starts with the realization the negative self-talk is the enemy. You and your body are on the same side, so you must work with it in order to change and be healthy. It has been said that if you do something for a month straight it becomes a habit, your body starts craving it if it doesn’t get it. So if you can keep it up for a month, you are already half way there. Start saving your live, by living it better. Start right now, today!