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Analyze of current main profit pattern
The development of an industry must be bonded with the commercialized operation. Large amount of commercial sponsors are vital to Olympic Games for growing to today’s industry scale. China’s E-sports industry contains large commercial opportunities. Besides, it’s also crucial to find an appropriate commercial operation profit model. At present, Chinese companies are gaining profits mainly depend on the following patterns.

1.Organize competitions
Attracting sponsors by organizing E-sports competitions is the main profit model for companies. Now most sponsors are computer hardware vendors and electronic products manufacturers, which is closely related to E-sports lovers.

2.Online advertisements
Online advertisements are another important income source, which can be divided into website and competitive platform advertisements. Among the two, website advertisement has become into a more common way for network Service providers. Over millions of advertisements exposure have been created by the two every day and attract large number clients. Navigate to this web-site esports experts

3.Website community and membership service
Operators of competitive platform are exploring their membership services actively. Members who pay for better services like network access service and various activities. Operators could gain more profits by attracting more members. This can transfer a virtual community into an important profit source.

4.Authorize to Internet cafes
The competition in Internet cafe is rather fierce. Only cafe who has advantages could survive and develop. Cafes need new ways to attract and maintain customers urgently. Strong influence of electronic competitions among the lovers could satisfy the needs of cafes.

Analyze of potential profit pattern
At present the profit pattern for E-sports is relatively single. New pattern is rather significant to the future development of E-sports. To a mature and professional sport, tickets, TV broadcast rights and peripheral products are also important as income sources. Unfortunately, few patterns have been used in China now. But we have reasons to believe that these patterns will be used gradually in the future development of E-sports.

Most E-sports competitions are conducted in Internet cafes at early stage, which can’t hold too many audiences at the same time. With the development of E-sports, a narrow internet cafe can’t satisfy the audiences. E-sports have been known and recognized by more and more people. In this condition, tickets can be treated as another income source.

2.TV broadcast rights
TV broadcast rights is an important intangible assets. E-sports are results of modern technology and lifestyle, which are able to attract the attention of the whole world. Televisions broadcast competitions to increase audience ratings, TV advertisements profits and viewing range by striving for TV broadcast rights. With the widespread range of the competition, TV broadcast rights have become a special right and asset to sponsors.