Importance Of Home Maintenance In Winter

No seasonal home maintenance is as important as the winter one. Uninsulated pipes, leaking faucets and snow accumulation on the roof can lead to costly and unnecessary disasters. Find out how to eliminate issues before they appear!this guide explains

Roof – Ice dams along the eave and in the gutter can lead to soaked walls and other unpleasant problems. They get formed by either by inadequate insulation letting warm air melt the accumulated mass of snow on the roof or intense sunlight followed by freezing nights. You can prevent this by proper insulation and physical cleanup, as well as installing slippery metal on the roof.

Chimney – Inspect the mortar between the bricks, as frozen water accumulated in cracks can turn it into powder. The result is an unstable chimney.

Furnace – There’s no other season when a fully functional furnace plays such an important role. Make sure the oil levels, motor belts, filters and the exhaust flue is in great shape.

Outdoor safety – Purchase reserves of rock sand to ensure safe movement on your driveway and pathwalks.

Seal Air Leaks – Purchase wheatherstrips and use caulk to seal all the air leaks leading to loss of valuable heat.

Clean your Windows – Expose and clean all windows that are on the side which gets the most sunlight. It makes the furnace work less hard.

Tighten Everything – People spend most of time during winter indoors, which provides an ideal setting for smaller repairs. heck for anything that’s not tight – be it doorknobs, appliance handles, floorboards or baseboard trims.

Insulation – To prevent additional heat loss and broken pipes, you want to wrap them around with insulating material. Pay extra attention to exposed places.

Check your Air Filters – Clogged filters make air circulation difficult if not impossible at all. This is especially relevant during the winter season.

Gutters and Downspouts – Consider purchasing a gutter screen, which prevents debris from falling in.

Test GFCI outlets – These types of outlets are a must have in all wet areas (bathrooms, kitchen) in your home, providing shock protection. These need to be tripped and reset once a month. If they don’t, have the outlet changed by a qualified electrician.