Home Inspection For Your Next Renovation

House construction renovation abstract background

House construction renovation abstract background

Before doing renovation, make sure you have your home pre-inspected with Green Demo. This way, you can separate the really necessary part of renovation like mould removal from the less important part like interior decoration.

You might not be aware of it, but home renovation even when planned can almost always lead to uplanned things. There are always hidden problems that lurks in the background which gets in the way of your plans. A professional building inspertor will help you upacked unpleasant surprises before you start renovating.

Areas For Inspection Before Renovation

To avoid upleasant surprises, you have to have your home checked. You must treat your home like a living system where everything is interconnected and what affects one affects the other. A trained professional can help you see this need. Here are some areas that may need attention in every home.

  1. The structure—Any changes in the home like changes in the interior wall may compromize the structure of your home. You need to make sure that the structure is strong enough to hold potential loads and if not, how you can work around this kind of limitations.
  2. The roof—A simple dormer or skylight may require additional roof work too. The inspector will help you decide whether you need to replace the existing materials or you can just add the new work to the existing ones.
  3. The basement—Mould infestation usually happens in the basement because this is where moist gathers. With the help of a professional inspector you can have your basement checked for moulds before you decide to have it renovated.
  4. The mechanical system—Do you need to upgrade the plumbing, the heating system, or the electrical system to give room for your renovation? These are some of the things that a professional can help you decide with.

Advantages of Pre-Renovation Inspection

As you can see, pre-renovation inspection prevents you from spending more than what you planned to spend by un-earthing all possible suprises lurking underneath your home. By have your home inspected before deciding to renovate, you become more aware of its state and the possible extent of the renovations that you need to undertake. By hiring a professional, you also avoid endangerig yourself in the process of instpecting your home.

By having your home pre-inspected, you can be sure that the renovation process will go smoothly without you spending unnecessarily huge amount of money. Follow the tips given here to have a hazzle-free renovation.

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