Monthly Archive: June 2017

Why construction companies must use outdoor signage

A construction site poses risks for both the workers and passersby. The use of construction materials like cement can become dangerous if it is not handled properly. It can fall and become a danger to the surrounding people.

When people see an on-going construction, the normal response is to keep their distance because it can be hazardous to be near it. However, a common cause for accidents that involves passersby would be the lack of outdoor signs informing people that construction is going on.

Whether the construction company is doing a home improvement project or a full-blown building construction, there is a need for them to install outdoor signage. These outdoor signs will double as both a safety sign first and maybe a promotional sign.

These safety signs should be a visual communication tool that deliver the message to everyone to keep safe and be wary of the on-going construction. It should be clear enough to see from far away so that the area doesn’t become hazardous to street walkers and motorists.

Signs must be placed in conspicuous areas like the entrance areas, side of buildings, and other visible areas from the outside. There are standards set for construction signs so that it can be effective in informing outside people.

Construction companies need to follow regulations in outdoor safety signs for construction projects. They should also be familiar with the several types of outdoor signs required by regulations to be installed outside of construction sites.

  1. Prohibited Area – These are marks for people to not enter the identified area. It is usually a red circle with a red diagonal line running across it. Letterings are black. The striking color is important to get the attention of people and deliver the message of “stop”, “do not enter” and other restrictive messages.
  2. Mandatory Signage – Signs like this are for workers, observers, engineers, and owners who want to come in the construction site. It highlights the need for certain kind of construction wear so you can enter the area. Examples of these equipment are hard hats, construction vests, and other protective gear.
  3. Outdoor Warning Sign – The yellow color of warning will be the main color for these types of signage. It highlights that fact that the area is dangerous and before entering the area people should be aware of what’s within. This is common for high voltage areas in power plants and construction areas where construction work is being done over the area.
  4. Safety Sign – A standard safety sign comes in a green color that indicates you are nearing a safe area. There is white text that shows the kind of area you are entering or exiting. Fire exit and first aid signs are usually seen with this template.
  5. Fire Equipment Sign – Most construction projects have fire hazard equipment, these are identified using this type of sign. It has lettering showing the kind of equipment and there are symbols that show what the tool does.

Now construction companies should consider safety sign makers to help them make these signs so that the message is effectively delivered and the regulations are followed. A professional sign maker will be able to know all these details and deliver a quality construction sign that will help keep construction safe.…