Matcha Green Tea – A Rich Source of Antioxidants

The Matcha green is one of the herbal teas that have gained huge popularity. Few decades ago, the tea leaves were only used during Japanese tea ceremonies. However, now the tea has become quite a popular beverage across the globe. There are many health benefits associated with Matcha green tea. It helps in reducing stress, normalizing your metabolism, making your immune system strong and lowering the levels of cholesterol. The reason why it is called green tea is called the tea leaves are developed in the shade in order to promote its chlorophyll content. The leaves that appear rich green in color are handpicked and then finely ground. The resultant Matcha green tea powder is then made available in the market for sale. The most important thing about this tea is that it is a very rich source of antioxidants. One cup of Matcha tea is enough to deliver the amount of antioxidants that you can get from ten cups of your regular tea. Matcha Green Tea in Canada

What’s interesting about this tea is that whole Match green tea leaves are kept immersed in the water. Since nothing is thrown away, you are able to get maximum dose of antioxidants when you consume this tea. Free radicals that enter our body are usually neutralized by our body but elements like chemicals, smoke, pollution, UV rays and radiation can result in building up of free radicals inside our body. The cells of your body are constantly in danger from these elements that you ingest through your food and breathing. Such elements are responsible for ageing and it can cause you to easily contract any disease. When you eat foods that are rich in antioxidants, your overall health will start improving. You will not become easy victims to infections and illnesses. There are several good sources of antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables. Foods that are considered to be rich antioxidants are foods that are actually contain higher amounts of vital nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E, carotenoids and phytochemicals. Even the Matcha green tea can do wonders for getting rid of free radicals from your body. Apart from fresh fruits and vegetables, you can find many antioxidants supplements in the market. Instead of buying supplements, you can add the Match green tea to your diet to regularly intake good dose of antioxidants. Since Matcha green tea is a powerful antioxidant, drink this tea regularly will ensure that you are free from the risk of contracting various health conditions like cancer, diabetes, dementia, and cardiovascular diseases.