Solving Common Laptop Issues

Overheating is the most common problem with laptops, even though the generation netbook does not believe this. Once you get a laptop that is bigger than 15″, you are about to enter the danger zone. Especially when you want some horsepower built into the machine, you are about to witness a computer, that might be used as a heater. Listen to the advice on the bottom of the laptop and don’t place it in your lap, especially if you are a man and want children in the future. Now back in the days my laptop used to run pranks on me, it acted up like a child on candy rush- every time I tried to play games, my computer froze after 10 minutes. It was brand new and I did not know what to think of this, as it made no sense. Those games were pretty old and should by no means cause trouble to my loved machine. After asking a few friends who knew more about computer than me the most common answer to my problems was: overheating. But how to fix this? As someone who used desktop computer his whole life, I did not know what to do, I could neither open the laptop case, nor could I simply add a way to reduce the heat, or could I? Leap on to¬†common issues

This is when I discovered the notebook cooler. It’s a device that you place below your laptop. It’s usually built out of heat absorbing material that has a few fans attached to it. So whenever my laptop got hot from now on, I simply turned up the fans, so it would cool down. At the end of the day, this cooler increased the lifetime of my laptop by a few folds, as it turned out there must have been some more internal problems, as the mainboard crashed one time when I did not have to cooler to hand. Overheating puts serious stress on the hardware and will reduce the lifetime, sadly I know this first hand. Sure I had warranty on my laptop, but it’s so annoying that you have to send them in(usually takes a few days to weeks to get it fixed) and can’t repair them yourself, so if anyone asks me, what should I get to increase my laptop performance and increase it’s possible life I tell them: get a notebook cooler. It’s a cheap way as those cooler come in different sizes and usually for a fair price ranging from 20-50 bucks.