Teeth whitening Fort Worth-At A Look

Teeth whitening treatment by the dentist is certainly the best way to achieve a Hollywood smile. Professional techniques whiten teeth in the shortest time and the effects last longer than home remedies. For those on a budget however, home DIY kits provide a viable short-term solution to whitening your teeth. There are various professional whitening treatments like over the counter teeth whitening systems, dentist dispensed products to be used at home, laser teeth whitening, loaded tray methods and in-office whitening method. Dentists prefer to use peroxide-based chemicals as bleaching agent for treatments. Here’s a quick overview of these treatments.You may want to check out Teeth whitening Fort Worth for more.

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Over The Counter Whitening Systems

There are numerous options like toothpastes, brush-on-gels, whitening strips, sprays etc. These can be used at home by following the printed instructions. These are cheaper methods and yield results after prolonged use.

Dentist Dispensed Products For Home Use

This is the Loaded Tray method. Dentists load carbamide peroxide, a strong bleaching agent, inside custom made trays and fit it with the gum. The bleaching agent reacts with the saliva to release hydrogen peroxide and whitens the teeth in two to three weeks.

In-office Whitening- Laser Teeth Whitening System

Here the bleaching agent is applied directly on the teeth in combination with laser for quick reaction between the teeth and the whitening agent. This is the costliest treatment now available for whitening the teeth and the effect lasts for four to five years.

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Blue Light Teeth Whitening Treatment

A blue light is used to create a reaction between the teeth and the whitening agent. Advantage of this method is that the results are visible in a few sittings with the dentist and the effect lasts for a longer period. These are a few of the professional-type treatments available today. As you would expect, in-office treatments yield quicker results over home diy treatments but can be quite costly and require repeated sittings in the dentist chair.