Trade Journal Marketing

Trade journal marketing is something that should come naturally to every organization. Your company has something every journal editor is eager to get their hands on: knowledgeable experts. The journals in your industry offer great opportunities to market your business. The following tips help you use these valuable resources to your maximum advantage.

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-Become a Source

Let trade journal editors know your company leadership is here to help. Phone them with a little information about your organization, and then follow up by emailing biographies explaining your executives’ areas of expertise and experience, along with their contact information. The next time a story on those topics comes up, the editor will know who to call.

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-Share Your Content

Don’t just send editors your press releases. Be sure to pass along your white papers, articles and other custom content as well. Those ideas might make excellent story ideas for the journal, and the reporter will likely turn to you as an article source. Some trade journals may also ask to publish your content directly in their magazine – a great publicity opportunity.

-The Advertorial Advantage

Many trade journals sell advertorial space – be sure to explore this powerful marketing opportunity. Advertorials mimic the appearance of editorial content, but typically have the words “special advertising section” printed at the top of the page. You get to write an article or case study, and it gets published word-for-word in the journal. This article will look and feel like news, so readers will be much more likely to respond to your advertorial than a typical advertisement.

-Dynamite directories

If you have a limited advertising budget (and who doesn’t these days?) trade journal directories are the way to go. Many trade journals publish directories just once a year, and these reference publications often remain on desks for 12 months or more. So unlike a regular ad, your investment in directory advertising gets year-round exposure.

-Expand your Horizons

When you’re making a list of journals to approach, don’t just focus on the journals you read. Think about where your prospects and clients are getting their information, and target those publications as well. For example, I often write for the trade journal Minnesota Meetings + Events. The target audience is meeting planners, and that makes it the perfect venue for hotels, caterers, teambuilding companies and party rental stores to market their services. Don’t forget to focus on local and regional trade journals in addition to the national publications, as well.