Transdermal Patch Technology

The medical professionals and herbalists have given Proenhance a good rating as an enhancement product. The ingredients used are a blend of the freshest and choicest herbs, which are layered onto the patch. A matrix applied over the herbs regulates the amount going into the bloodstream over three days. The patch is removed on the third day and a new one used in another area. Care should be taken not to use the patch over any bruise, cut or swelling.

For further information regarding this, feel free to visit them at transdermal patches. Proenhance combined with a male enhancement exercise program works doubly to increase the size, width and girth of the penis and allow for greater staying power, energized energy boost and virility. The male who has been having problems with his libido is able to perform normally and enjoy great sexual activity again. As the sexual performance level is a great source of anxiety for men, who enjoy the confidence and power that comes with sexual potency, enhancement products are a great boon. Proenhance has proved to be a leader in the field of enhancement products.

The ingredients like Saw Palmetto, Ginseng, Menthol and Damiana, amidst others, are carefully blended to increase the bedroom performance with their vasodilator properties. These ingredients are also aphrodisiacs and stimulants and contain powerful antioxidants, which boost the immunity system.

The suppliers offer a 90-day free trial offer with money back guarantees. The recommended dosage is four to six months though many users report results in the first two months of regular usage of the patches. There is no shipping charge if you order directly from the suppliers. They do suggest that these patches work optimally when the exercises that come along with it are faithfully done every day.

Before taking any medication, it is advisable to consult with your local physician and find out if any of the ingredients used could cause allergic reaction. Those with lung and cardiac disorders need to check with their doctors before using any enhancement products.