Vital Information Regarding Intraday Trading

Traders make quick gains in intraday trading: Intraday trading, meaning single day trading, is a preferred choice for several investors that want to square off their deal before the end of a single day session. By squaring off the deal, it means that the trader would have to the sell and buy or buy and sell in the single day before the market ends. For instance, if the trader purchased 200 shares of XYZ Company during the open market hours, then he has to sell the same quantity of stocks of XYZ Company before market closing and vice resources is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Online trading account:

To start intraday trading, one needs to have an online trading account. In online trading platforms, the investor should indicate in advance that the orders they are placing in the market are meant to be for intraday trading. Hence, it is not transferred to the account, and this position indicated under the intraday trading system is squared off automatically under the system if the investor does not do it before the market closes. However, if the stock is purchased on the delivery basis, then it is transferred to the Demat Account, which might happen after 2-3 days and then the trader can decide to either hold or transact on those stocks.

Invest in right type stocks:

Selecting the right stocks is very important in intraday trading to obtain maximum profits. Here traders should deal in liquid stocks instead volatile stocks. They must trade in right correlation stocks after research and track the market trend before picking the shares.


Several traders find intraday equity trading as an attractive option because the charges levied by the broker for the stocks traded are less than in the regular delivery system trading. Also, achieving high margin gains is possible in a day trading, wherein transacting multiple times of your investment value is permitted based on the policy of the brokerage firms. Moreover, the other benefit one gets is that these stocks are not carried overnight. Hence, the share price fluctuation due to external events will not affect the trader.

While intraday equity trading is seen as a smart option to make quick money on a daily basis, traders should understand the day trading strategies to make money gains and avoid chances of losses as this form of trading is riskier than investing in the regular stock market. Begin trading with the amount that you can afford to lose without facing financial difficulties. Moreover, when booking profits, do proper research; follow the intraday trading indicators to make a comprehensive strategy for maximizing returns.

Reasons why traders opt for intraday trading:

Some traders have a short-term trading vision and look for a quick exit from the market, i.e., once their position reaches the minimum level of profits, they exit. These traders usually deal with the volume of transactions to make significant gains. They do many buys, sale transactions, and at times exit their position within minutes. Other traders go on the trend for intraday trading, make fewer purchases and sales and act patiently. Also, some take up intraday trading, when some significant event occurs, as they expect that specific stock to go up or down, due to the event.